The Insanity Defence: Is ‘Wrongness’ Legal or Moral?

‘Madness’ became a complete defence regarding criminal charges as early as the time of Edward III in the 14th Century. In the following centuries, prominent legal treatise shifted from the ‘knowledge of good or evil’ test, to the ‘wild beast test’ in the eighteenth century. Courts then settled on the M’Naghten rules in 1843, byContinue reading “The Insanity Defence: Is ‘Wrongness’ Legal or Moral?”

What The 2022 Midterms Mean For And About America: An Historical Perspective

With the midterms all but over, many Americans who feared a red wave are justly rejoicing over this historic result. And, in the rejoicing, hot takes abound about what carried the day for the Democrats. There’s even a palpable hope that Trump and the MAGA movement may be done for. But there’s also the factContinue reading “What The 2022 Midterms Mean For And About America: An Historical Perspective”

Being Apolitical Is Not a Virtue

Everyone has probably heard someone say something along the lines of “I don’t care about politics,” “I’m not a political person,” or “I don’t know anything about politics, so I just stay out of it.” The totality of these sentiments reveals two things about America’s views of politics: one, they don’t know what “political” meansContinue reading “Being Apolitical Is Not a Virtue”

The Republic Must Come First: America’s Biggest Political Issue

With the American republic currently in great peril, the midterm elections have become mostly about the economy- with abortion rights, climate change, and guns trailing behind. I am here to tell you that none of these issues should be your top priority, and that it is a very bad sign that they have come to dominate this election cycle.