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Aristocles Media discusses philosophy, history, and political theory for people yearning for knowledge and understanding of life’s big questions. In blogs, videos, and podcasts, we seek to make big concepts digestible to everyone with a desire to learn and in the pursuit of wisdom.

In The Pursuit of Wisdom

We take our name from the reported real name of the greatest philosopher to ever live, Plato. He, like his mentor, Socrates, believed that the examined life, the life worth living, was that of the philosopher, the lover of wisdom. Accordingly, our website and all its content are dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom. We hope to build a community of people who share in this love and ambition. We believe that understanding and practicing philosophy, history, and political theory is a keystone of living the philosophical and examined life.

With contributors from all over the world, we have different experiences and perspectives, which cultivates a dialectical approach that Plato and Socrates themselves would be proud of. We pride ourselves on taking a wide view of intellectual pursuits, drawing on knowledge from Ancient Rome, Greece, and India to understand how the people, events, and ideas of the past have come to mold the modern world we live in today.

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What The 2022 Midterms Mean For And About America: An Historical Perspective Politics Then and Now

Much of the analysis surrounding the 2022 midterms has been divorced of any larger or historical perspective. Instead, it has focused mostly on how great a result it was for Democrats, with the only perspective being how badly it was supposed to go. In this episode, we look to take a step back and look at the results objectively to find out what they really mean for and about America. Please be sure to subscribe, leave a review, and rate 5 stars. Full text and citations available here
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  4. The Republic Must Come First: What the Midterms Should Be About
  5. What is the Root of Inequality Amongst People?: Rousseau on America’s Founding Lie of (In)equality