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We examine the ideas, events, and people that have molded the modern world. We’ll look at history, philosophy and political theory going back to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, all the way up until present day. We cover these topics in blogs, podcasts and videos. If you have ever wondered what events and ideas shape the world you live in today, we’ll cover it.

Noah McMillanhttps://www.instagram.com/politicsthenandnow/

Noah is the founder of Aristocles Media and the host of Politics Then and Now. He studied classics and philosophy at The College of the Holy Cross and then at Tufts University. He lives, works, and podcasts from Boston, MA with his dog and producer, Socrates the philosophy dog.

Harriet Lesliehttps://www.instagram.com/armchairphilosophies/

Harriet is the co-website developer and head blogger for Aristocles Media. She lives in the UK as a philosophy undergraduate student, with a focus on analytic and modern philosophy. She plans to attend graduate school this year to study medical ethics and law.

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