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Conceptual Engineering

For my dissertation during my philosophy undergraduate, I wrote about conceptual engineering (CE). CE is concerned with philosophy of language, specifically that of concepts. Get in touch with me for the full dissertation if you fancy a read! Hope you enjoy.

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Historiography, an art or agenda?

If I ask you today what shaped you? Your most instinctive answer would be ‘my past’. In short, our present individual life is determined by our past history. Very similarly, the human society with all its manifestations in terms of polity, culture, economy, science is a product of our past. We are forever shaped by…

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In 323 BC standing at the western bank or river Beas (Hyphasis in Greek) the soldiers of Alexander the great refused to cross the river. They were tired, wounded, homesick and above all well aware of the force that was awaiting them on the other side of the river.


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