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To what extent can moral dilemmas have right and wrong answers?

In this blog, I will investigate the metaethical notion of objectively ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers in reference to moral dilemmas. I will analyse the arguments against realism such as scepticism, moral disagreement, and cultural relativism, concluding that moral dilemmas have relative, not objective, answers. Ultimately, one’s answer to this question lies in the definition of…

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Conceptual Engineering

For my dissertation during my philosophy undergraduate, I wrote about conceptual engineering (CE). CE is concerned with philosophy of language, specifically that of concepts. Get in touch with me for the full dissertation if you fancy a read! Hope you enjoy.

An American’s Journey Through the Life of Gandhi: Part 1

Family, Food, and Faith I have to admit that I am often hesitant to read the autobiographical works of great men, for I find it off-putting to see their awareness of their own greatness (e.g. Caesar). Gandhi starts his work by vowing to be humble. No disrespect to him, but I was a bit skeptical…

Historiography, an art or agenda?

If I ask you today what shaped you? Your most instinctive answer would be ‘my past’. In short, our present individual life is determined by our past history. Very similarly, the human society with all its manifestations in terms of polity, culture, economy, science is a product of our past. We are forever shaped by…


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