Politics Then and Now

Politics Then and Now examines the ideas, events, and people that have molded the modern political world and how they apply today. It delves into American history, how the Greco-Roman world influenced America from its founding to today, and the political philosophy that has sculpted American ideals. It will help you understand and question the role of government. Politics Then and Now looks into things like what was the revolution really about? What are rights? What are we entitled to as citizens? What is freedom?  If you have ever wondered about events and ideas that shape your world. Politics Then and Now will cover it. Scroll down and it is available in audio, video, and blog. Or it is easily searched on all podcast platforms by search, and on YouTube.

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What is the Root of Inequality Amongst People?: Rousseau on America’s Founding Lie of (In)equality Politics Then and Now

Today we talk about what causes inequality amongst people? Is inequality natural or is it unnatural? Is it pre-societal or created by society? We'll talk about America's wealth gap and look at what Jean-Jacque Rousseau has to say about property and inequality and compare it to philosophy of John Locke that America is founded on.Email: noah@aristoclesmedia.comInstagram: @politicsthenandnowTwitter: @politicsthennowAristoclesmedia.com
  1. What is the Root of Inequality Amongst People?: Rousseau on America’s Founding Lie of (In)equality
  2. The Electoral College and Its Threat to American Democracy Explained
  3. Founding of the Roman Republic: The Importance of Norms, Class Struggle, and Influence on America
  4. Emergency Powers: Hobbes vs. Locke and COVID-19
  5. Our Founding Principles: Natural Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and John Locke

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