A Solution to the Christian Problem of Evil: It Doesn’t Exist

A natural problem arrises when you suppose the existence of an omnipotent, omnibenevolent God- how and why does evil exist? Harriet touched upon this in an earlier blog in which she breaks down the nuances of such an issue. I’m writing this blog as a response that proposes a surely controversial conclusion: evil doesn’t exist.Continue reading “A Solution to the Christian Problem of Evil: It Doesn’t Exist”

Let’s Get Ethical Pt 1: Metaethics

In its simplest form, ethics is everything to do with morality – from stealing your father’s cigarettes to lending someone a pen. Of course, there are varying degrees of ethical topics, such as abortion, murder, slavery – just about every aspect of human life. Metaethics is the first part to my mini series on ethics, a crucial topic regarding your every decision.