Historiography, an art or agenda?

If I ask you today what shaped you? Your most instinctive answer would be ‘my past’. In short, our present individual life is determined by our past history. Very similarly, the human society with all its manifestations in terms of polity, culture, economy, science is a product of our past. We are forever shaped byContinue reading “Historiography, an art or agenda?”

An American’s Journey Through the Life of Gandhi: The Prologue

My last semester of college (university), I thought I needed three classes to graduate, and decided that I would make that third class a survey of Indian philosophy. It turned out, I only needed two classes to graduate, so I didn’t take it. This process of realization took about five minutes. And thus is theContinue reading “An American’s Journey Through the Life of Gandhi: The Prologue”

Existential Threat: The Electoral College and Its Threat to American Democracy

Today we’re going to talk about the Electoral College.We’re going to get at it by discussing its origin, its intended purpose, dispel modern myths, and discuss the existential threat it poses to the American Republic. So let’s climb the ladder of truth together.

Neanderthals: A Day in the Life

‘Homo neanderthalensis’ lived around 40,000 years ago, and went extinct due to factors such as climate change, disease and competition with European humans. The ancient DNA within preserved dental plaque, uncovered the diet and health of Neanderthals. Not only this, but their behaviour, culture and interactions.