All for One and One for All?

Life is temporary and if you spend your life looking at temporary things, you have yet to live. The world we live in is divided along various lines like color, sex, race and so on. When you meet a person, you can pinpoint certain differences you might have with them. But what if I told you that we all are guilty of looking at people and more importantly the whole world with a misleading perspective and maybe lend you a new one?


I’m brown and Indian. It is no secret that I would look different and be different from a person born in United Kingdom or USA, for example. But why are we all different from each other? It is primarily because of the laws of nature. A scientific explanation is that when humans reproduce, their genes are copied which is inherited by the produced baby. You can see this for yourself that any child will have some traits similar to either one or both the parents resulting from their copied genes. Now, these copying mechanisms in nature are not perfect and results in some copying errors – which is why you look a bit different and do things differently from your parents.

As we all understand, genes dictate how a person’s hair is, how tall one is or what color he belongs to. Therefore, what we see as differences in real world are actually inefficiency of nature’s mechanisms.


What we understand and see as differences are ‘diversities.’ We mistake them to be differences. Our minds have been conditioned since childhood to see these diversities as superficial differences which is an unfortunate perspective. We tend to believe that since I am brown, I am racially superior or inferior than people of different color. The importance of diversities lies in the fact that it aids the process of change in this world. Imagine a world where everyone looks the same, does things in the exact same manner. By that logic, we would all be Adams and Eves eating apples and dooming this world over and over again. This world would be one without change which would eventually stagnate and die out. Therefore, these diversities are essentially processes to carry on a better human heritage forward.

What Then?

To understand the beauty of life better, we all need to appreciate the diversities we have. What we see as different race, color, class, culture, etc. need to be appreciated because underneath all that superficial appearance, we are all essentially the same. We all are made up of flesh and blood(unless you are Terminator). We all have emotions – we feel sad, happy, angry, frustrated. We may feel these emotions for different reasons owing to diversities but we all feel emotions. We all love to sit by the beach, chill with a drink or escape to the mountains.

Therefore, we all are essentially the same. We all have some inherent basic qualities in life – We all appreciate honesty, we all love to be happy. In a nutshell, what divides us also unites us. We are different(read:diverse) human beings but we are all HUMANS. That is what unites us all.

I think a world where we can look at issues with the perspective as humans, there is no limit to the power we can command for its solution. Climate change can be reversed if we can all agree that we are humans and we all owe it to humankind to preserve this beautiful earth, protect it for future humans and live a quality life.

Diversities are not divisions and unity is not conformity. Unity lies in accomodating each other’s diversity.

Published by Aditya Chopra

Aditya is an author at Aristocles Media. He is a graduate in Commerce with specialisation in Export marketing. He is on his serendipitous journey of exploring a fusion of Western philosophy with Indian philosophy and brining out the complexities, similarities in a simpler form for the benefit of all readers. He writes from Raigarh, Chhattisgarh in India.

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  1. I love how it was all written in such a simple way yet had its own authencity. Small things that would lead upto great changes. 🙂 Glad you wrote this!

  2. Hello,

    Unity in Diversity is the need of the hour where the world is continuously getting on parochial factors. Either for political gains or in consumerism.

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